Cobra Update 9-18-15… “TIME SENSITIVE! MAKE THIS VIRAL! Meditation for Europe”

Come together, children of the sun
So we can have a home that’s fair to everyone!

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portal2012_logo_vertical144This is the latest update from Cobra, asking for participation in this meditation for Europe. If this is for you, please join in.



There has been a recent development in Europe that needs our urgent attention. The refugee crisis in Europe has escalated:

Therefore it has been requested by the Light forces that as many people as possible support the people in Europe with our meditation. This is time-sensitive and needs to go viral! We need to reach masses of people, so that the critical mass of people actually doing it is attained. It is time for us to unite in purpose so that Light will be victorious. Please post this on your websites and blogs. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can share it with your iphone. You can create…

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Signs of the Cabal Demise 3… Four Articles about GMO and Monsanto (and others like them) Going Down

Yeah, baby! The truth, like the sun and moon, cannot be hidden long- Buddha

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gmo_NOT_14Just found these four yesterday, and read them and see what you get. I get that GMO is being stood up to and companies like Monsanto, et al., are being dismantled, by the people.

Particularly the last one, about the Mayans standing up, may be helpful to those opposing GMO and pesticides use here on the islands.

All Monsanto GMO Cornfields Burned Down in Hungary (8-31-15)

“Hungary has located and destroyed 1000 acres of maize that was found to be grown with genetically modified seeds. Hungary is a nation where genetically modified seeds are banned along with other genetically modified ingredients. “Almost 1000 acres of maize found to have been ground with genetically modified seeds have been destroyed throughout Hungary, deputy state secretary of the Ministry of Rural Development Lajos Bognar said. The GMO maize has been ploughed under, said Lajos Bognar, but pollen has not spread from the maize…

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The No Plane, Plane Truth. Pentagon. 9/11

We don’t need no stinkin’ plane to lie to you!

TABU; Towards A Better Understanding

“Construction on the Pentagon began without fanfare on September 11, 1941–60 years to the day before the terrorist attacks of 2001.”

The 9/11 Official Story

Hani Janjour, after taking command of a commercial jet liner using box cutters and surprise, incapable of getting licensed to fly a small Cessna two seater plane, is said to have taken a Top Gun type flight route from 2700 ft. down to flight deck (Pentagon lawn)  in less than 32 seconds while spiraling a 767 commercial jet, avoiding light poles and nearby buildings to strike perfectly on the West end of the Pentagon, that had recently been reinforced, which housed accounts for the day before announced missing of trillions of dollars by Sec’y Rumseld of Pentagon money striking, yet removing no engine parts, to analyze….yet people were said to have been conclusively identified by teeth.

This after the Pentagon, the most highly defended place…

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A Corbett Report Classic in Under 5 Minutes

9-11 Satire; Exposing the Absurdity in Under 5 Minutes

Yep, it’s hilarious alright. Had to watch it again.

911 smoke and ashI shared this video last year and I’m sharing it again; it’s THAT good.

Perhaps this approach to the facts will penetrate the veil of trust the public seems to have and help them see that the stories spun by the American Government, UK Government and others are a coverup, and transparent as hell to those with an open mind.

Thank you to Canada’s own James Corbett of The Corbett Report for this factual, AND creative and humourous kick in the head.

After viewing, perhaps a few more people will line up with pitchforks in hand.  ~ BP