The New Gods

… from Sophia Love via AK

Friday, August 28, 2015

Recent insights bring a new conclusion.  All this “time” of discussing, seeking, asking and most of all WAITING for something to happen or break or give or land has felt like a merry go-around; only a realllllyyyyyy big one.  We are going in a predictable circular movement, watching the same scenery, over and over again.  We could dig out blogs and articles from 2011, when this blog was added to the noise, and re-post them.  The message would still feel relevant.  That’s because we are still on the same ride, going in circles.

So here is where this is going… What if the gods are us?

I do not mean that as a cute phrase to inspire action, but as fact.  We are more seasoned than we were in 2012.  We understand on some level that we’ve been lied to about almost everything relevant and unless we take the reins, it will happen again.  There have been characters, whistle-blowers, channellers, prophets and reporters – each of us relaying the scenario created by “someone else”.  There is an inevitability to these stories.  There is repetition.  There is, repeatedly, someone to blame and someone to save.  There is hope and there is despair.  There is everything, it would seem, but freedom.

None of these players feel free.  Even the cabal, or so we are told, answers to a greedy energy that constantly demands more.  It would seem that the “source” of everyone’s power resides elsewhere.

What if we stop trying to tell someone else’s truth and start trusting our gut to tell us our own?

What if we stop looking for answers any place else?

What if we each make decisions about our life – its level of health, activity, love, wealth and joy – and accept the result of those decisions without guilt or blame?

What if we embrace our creator-self?  Not with inspiring poems, pictures and videos, but with our arms and hearts?

What if we stop believing someone else is running the show?

What if we run the show?

Any movement of conscious self-awareness is a step.  It’s not that these blogs, videos, pictures and poems are not useful – they have been wonderful reminders.  But enough already.  Gods don’t need encouragement.  Gods create.

For almost four years I’ve been signing “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”.  I wasn’t kidding.  Let’s be done with the waiting.  Time for the doing.

You see, I believe it’s only semantics that moves us over the tipping point.  The world I see today IS different than the one I saw in 2012.  People smile from their eyes more.  There is an abundance of generosity from strangers.  There is more transparency.  There are fewer expectations for perfection.  There is more acceptance.

We did that.  We didn’t wait.  Maybe all we need do is acknowledge it what we’ve been doing right along.  Maybe all we need do is say:  “I did that.” And “it is good.”  With that mindset, we will continue running our creation machine as if we knew exactly what we were doing. If we find ourselves displeased, we’ll simply create again, something different this time.

If our most powerful tool is our imagination, and if these many years we’ve been imagining ourselves “un-ascended”, “un-finished”, “dis-satisfied” or “un-able”; then we are.  If instead, we see ourselves as creators, then we are.

We are gods, every one of us.  These worlds we create are as real as the ones we read about in ancient texts.  The difference is, those dudes knew they were gods and someone wrote down what they did with that knowledge.

Maybe humans are a new kind of god – one that needs no worship or affirmation.  Maybe we just “get ‘er done” at our own urging.  Maybe now we have reminded ourselves enough.  Maybe the “Event” we are all planning on is self-initiated. Maybe the huge love blast that transforms and upgrades our DNA and results in self-actualized sovereign humans is not initiated by an outside decision – BUT BY AN INTERNAL ONE.

Decide you are done waiting.  Accept the god that you are.  Love yourself with wild abandon.  Fly.  You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

It is an honor to be flying beside you,


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