The New Gods

… from Sophia Love via AK

Friday, August 28, 2015

Recent insights bring a new conclusion.  All this “time” of discussing, seeking, asking and most of all WAITING for something to happen or break or give or land has felt like a merry go-around; only a realllllyyyyyy big one.  We are going in a predictable circular movement, watching the same scenery, over and over again.  We could dig out blogs and articles from 2011, when this blog was added to the noise, and re-post them.  The message would still feel relevant.  That’s because we are still on the same ride, going in circles.

So here is where this is going… What if the gods are us?

I do not mean that as a cute phrase to inspire action, but as fact.  We are more seasoned than we were in 2012.  We understand on some level that we’ve been lied to about almost everything relevant and unless we take the reins, it will happen again.  There have been characters, whistle-blowers, channellers, prophets and reporters – each of us relaying the scenario created by “someone else”.  There is an inevitability to these stories.  There is repetition.  There is, repeatedly, someone to blame and someone to save.  There is hope and there is despair.  There is everything, it would seem, but freedom.

None of these players feel free.  Even the cabal, or so we are told, answers to a greedy energy that constantly demands more.  It would seem that the “source” of everyone’s power resides elsewhere.

What if we stop trying to tell someone else’s truth and start trusting our gut to tell us our own?

What if we stop looking for answers any place else?

What if we each make decisions about our life – its level of health, activity, love, wealth and joy – and accept the result of those decisions without guilt or blame?

What if we embrace our creator-self?  Not with inspiring poems, pictures and videos, but with our arms and hearts?

What if we stop believing someone else is running the show?

What if we run the show?

Any movement of conscious self-awareness is a step.  It’s not that these blogs, videos, pictures and poems are not useful – they have been wonderful reminders.  But enough already.  Gods don’t need encouragement.  Gods create.

For almost four years I’ve been signing “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”.  I wasn’t kidding.  Let’s be done with the waiting.  Time for the doing.

You see, I believe it’s only semantics that moves us over the tipping point.  The world I see today IS different than the one I saw in 2012.  People smile from their eyes more.  There is an abundance of generosity from strangers.  There is more transparency.  There are fewer expectations for perfection.  There is more acceptance.

We did that.  We didn’t wait.  Maybe all we need do is acknowledge it what we’ve been doing right along.  Maybe all we need do is say:  “I did that.” And “it is good.”  With that mindset, we will continue running our creation machine as if we knew exactly what we were doing. If we find ourselves displeased, we’ll simply create again, something different this time.

If our most powerful tool is our imagination, and if these many years we’ve been imagining ourselves “un-ascended”, “un-finished”, “dis-satisfied” or “un-able”; then we are.  If instead, we see ourselves as creators, then we are.

We are gods, every one of us.  These worlds we create are as real as the ones we read about in ancient texts.  The difference is, those dudes knew they were gods and someone wrote down what they did with that knowledge.

Maybe humans are a new kind of god – one that needs no worship or affirmation.  Maybe we just “get ‘er done” at our own urging.  Maybe now we have reminded ourselves enough.  Maybe the “Event” we are all planning on is self-initiated. Maybe the huge love blast that transforms and upgrades our DNA and results in self-actualized sovereign humans is not initiated by an outside decision – BUT BY AN INTERNAL ONE.

Decide you are done waiting.  Accept the god that you are.  Love yourself with wild abandon.  Fly.  You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

It is an honor to be flying beside you,


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FBI Had 12-Page File On George Carlin Because He Made Jokes About Government


george_carlinBy John Vibes

Comedian George Carlin is known as one of the most controversial and outspoken entertainers of his time and, as far as the government is concerned, he could have possibly been a terrorist.

He went into great detail about corruption in government and business.

During the 1978 Supreme Court case, FCC v Pacifica Foundation, the government cited Carlin’s work as an example of profanity. They used his “Seven Dirty Words” segment to show the type of language that was being used in records and broadcasts. However, the government’s interest in his work did not stop there.

Just after his 1969 appearance on the Jackie Gleason show, Carlin caught the attention of the FBI because he made jokes about then-FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover. According to the government, Carlin had “referred to the Bureau and the Director in a satirical vein.”

They added that his act was “considered to be in very poor taste” and “it was obvious that he was using the prestige of the Bureau and Mr. Hoover to enhance his performance.”

carlin1-1After Carlin’s appearance on the show, the staff of Jackie Gleason received a number of anonymous letters — allegedly from fans but possibly from the FBI — condemning Carlin for speaking about the government in the critical way that he did. It has been proven that the FBI has indeed sent threatening letters to public figures in the past, pretending to be concerned colleagues or a member of the public, including to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

carlin4A letter claiming to be from a viewer of the Jackie Gleason show, criticizing Carlin’s statements.

Anyone who speaks out against the injustices of the world, whether they are a dangerous terrorist or a harmless comedian, will receive unwanted attention from government.

Below is a video showing Carlin’s deep political analysis in action:

Read the 12 pages of FBI documents on Carlin here.

John Vibes writes for Tune in! Anti-Media Radio airs Monday through Friday @ 11pm Eastern/8pm Pacific. Help us fix our

John Vibes is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter-culture and the drug war. In addition to his writing and activist work he organizes a number of large events including the Free Your Mind Conference, which features top caliber speakers and whistle-blowers from all over the world. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. You can find his 65 chapter Book entitled “Alchemy of the Timeless Renaissance” at

Global Mass Ascension Sept. 28th, 2015 as Wave-X Bombards the Earth & The Ascension Process in Progress


I dragged this over from BP. The energies are getting palpably higher. Can you feel it? They always warn about specific dates so I’m skeptical about a specific arrival time of the wave. To me, it feels like small waves have been arriving and gradually amping things up for many months. It just keeps getting better!

Julien Wells, one of our trusted Pleiadian contactees, said he was asked to share this older article on Facebook.

He said…

I am being asked to share this link, even though I am told it is the closest to what many where expecting to be “the event” it is more-so in my awareness (from this day’s perspective) a point of new awareness and allowing of broader concepts of reality such that can be described as 5d reality thinking.

But what if this doesn’t happen—like everything else we’ve been told would happen? Hmmm????

It will be nice to have true disclosure—one for EVERYONE—that doesn’t cost money.

My question has been… Will this Wave be the foretold “Event” energies or not? The writer says it’s The Event Horizon. Julian says it’s the closest thing to it. What does that mean?  Is you is, or is you ain’t our Event?

And if it IS ‘The Event’ we’ve been expecting, does it then mean the financial reset will also be happening at that time, as predicted? It’s really ALL predictions. Nothing more—until it happens.  ~ BP

cosmic energies for earth

July 23, 2015

The earth is moving into a region of the galaxy that is leading to increasing cosmic energies impacting our sun and altering human DNA. It is predicted this will lead to many changes in human society including major disclosures of advanced technologies, secret space programs and extraterrestrial life.

Here are some startling predictions about these incoming cosmic energies and their impact:

An acceleration and heightening of electromagnetic energy from the sun and other cosmic energies that will build especially from late august into late september that will cause, circa 28 september, what is described as a ‘frequency shift’ in consciousness.

An evolutionary changes emerging from world shaking disclosures as a result of the incoming cosmic energy he describes as a ‘WAVE X’:

We are going to experience a “wave of evolution. What we’re about to find out on a major level, unheard of in history at a mass scale is the true answer of ‘Who are we?’, ‘Where do we come from?’, and ‘What is our purpose?‘. The planet is going to take off in such an incredible ways.”

The Jade Helm exercise that began on july 15 and runs to september 15, is really aimed at gaining intelligence about the effects of the incoming cosmic energies in order to better manage the changes it triggers in humanity:

This exercise is very much connected to the frequency shift whereby the lower states where the exercises are being carried out will be experiencing a higher frequency field in july and august – the purpose being of learning from and managing the resultant effects on the population there before it heightens further in the upper states into September.

The U.S. Intelligence community is aware of the potential effects of the incoming cosmic energies and is taking steps to manage this. The U.S. Intelligence community is very likely not the only global entity aware of the incoming cosmic energies that is taking steps to manage this.

A frequency shift will occur in the 23-28 September time frame is very significant. This is also the time that pope francis will be meeting with the president at the white house (Sept 23) and speaking before the u.s. Congress (Sept 24) and there will be an attempt to use CERN to deflect this massive incomining energy wave. To cap it all off, Pope Francis will address a gathering of world political leaders at the un general assembly on Sept 25. The vatican’s own intelligence service is also very likely aware of these incoming cosmic energies. It’s more than coincidental that at the same time that incoming cosmic energies are predicted to peak on the planet, that the world’s most powerful religious and political leaders meet. The vatican appears to be aware of incoming cosmic energy and the powerful transformative effect it will have on humanity, and is placing itself to ride the cosmic wave so to speak.

Incoming cosmic energies are having profound effects on human dna and will trigger major disclosures. Certain Star Ambassadors of the Galactic Federation stationed on Earth on earth have already been appointed as delegates to a group of extraterrestrials called the Sphere Being Alliance. The Sphere Being Alliance showed up some time around 2012-2013 with huge neptune sized spheres that formed frequency shields around the solar system and the sun. One of the major functions of these spheres was to regulate the amount of cosmic energy coming into our solar system and the earth so humanity could better integrate it and prepare for major changes:

The Sphere Alliance has been mostly focused on the energetic changes occurring in our local star cluster because of the area of the galaxy they are entering. They have been using the many thousands of cloaked spheres that are equidistantly spread out across our sol system and neighboring sol systems (electrically connected in the “cosmic web” and natural portal system) to buffer and diffuse incoming tsunami waves of highly charged energy that changed the vibratory state of space/time, energy and matter to cause it to raise to a higher state in the “density spectrum”.

Among the changes that will be triggered by incoming cosmic energies is the release of information concerning advanced technologies, secret space programs and extraterrestrial life in what goode has described as a “full disclosure event.” goode announced on saturday that these neptune sized spheres are about to leave our solar system since they have achieved their primary function:

The “spheres” seem to nearing the end of their purpose as they are also beginning to buffer less and less of the energy thus allowing more and more to enter into the inner sol system and directly effect the sun, planets and human beings that are so easily put into trigger mode by these energies. At some point the spheres will be gone and we will fully be considered a 4/5th density transition civilization. There are of course quite a few other events that will be occurring before this last event leaves us standing on our own finally.

At 11:11AM on 9/28/2015, WAVE X will bombard the earth with photon-gamma light particles traveling ast the speed of light and an instantaneous DNA change will occur. The beings whose internal Schuman resonance is stabilized at 17 Hertz or higher will be propelled into the 5th Dimension!

The number of beings projected to ascend by 9282015 is a little over 2.3 billion and the exact number depends on the collective consciousness of humanity to manifest how the changes will play out.  Cosmic energies are peaking and that the “spheres” are buffering these less and less. All this suggests that late september may well be a time where a cosmic energy spike causes significant changes in human physiology, thereby triggering a mass ascension of light beings who have raised their frequencies to a high enough level of self love!

The date 9282015 is known as the “EVENT HORIZON” and is the most important day in the history of humanity! It is not the end but the beginning of a mass global ascension from beings vibrating in upper 4D into 5D. Your real work will begin on this date as you will need to hold even more light in the body to assist the rest of humanity in their ascension!

God-Speed to all great beings of light!