The Hoax We Missed: The 1986 “Dead Challenger Crew” Still Alive and Well

Group 2 of those pictures are a dead ringer for Group 1, except they’re not dead, of course!

Can you believe it?  Doesn’t it make sense though? Take at look at the photo. I can’t show a large one here due to space constraints but if you visit the original post… well, you decide. I wouldn’t put it past them. I think we’re going to see a steady stream of hidden truths from decades gone by, now that the cabal is being exposed so thoroughly. 

I’m actually very pleased to see this come out just now because people will then find it easier to believe that the Boston Marathon Bombing, Sandy Hoax, and other stunts, were orchestrated by the American shadow government, and yes, they WOULD do that. In fact, it’s from their favourite chapter of the Illuminati play book. 

They got the same reaction out of us but on an even larger scale when they blew up the World Trade Center Towers, Building 7, and sent a cruise missile hurtling into the Pentagon, killing select members of a committee of intelligence officers investigating the theft of trillions of dollars.

What I don’t understand is, how do these fakers, the astronauts, live with themselves? How can they exist in a lie for the remainder of their days? What do they tell their friends and family?

BTW, it’s great to see the torch bearers carry on the legacy of John MacHaffie at NESARA News.  What a trooper. RIP John.  ~ BP




April 18, 2015

I would like to invite our readers to assess and evaluate for themselves whether or not it is a realistic possibility that (almost) ALL of the purported victims of the 1986 “Challenger disaster” are still alive and well – by reading the last four pages or so of this thread, starting from here – including this present post, which I submit as a ‘summary’ of sorts.
I find this particular line of research quite interesting, insofar that it may help us all understand the mechanisms of ‘psy-op victim creation’ – as well as the astonishing boldness (or carelessness / arrogance?) with which they are concocted and carried out. 
To be sure, out of the many topics debated on Cluesforum, this particular investigation has had (as they always should) its fair share of controversies – even within the ranks of our most trusted contributors; I think that this ‘check-and-balance-methodology’ we keep observing on this forum is all-positive and, in fact, essential to uphold a high level of discourse and objectivity. So thanks to all. 
Let me now take you through the latest findings concerning the “Challenger crew” which supposedly perished back in 1986. So far, we have been concentrating on the two lady “crew members”, Judith Resnik and Sharon ‘Christa’ Mc Auliffe. We have seen that the two “female NASA martyrs” appear to be still alive and well, both enjoying successful Law University positions and careers – while (astonishingly enough) still using pretty much their own names – i.e. the names & surnames with which they briefly became international celebrities – as the “NASA martyrs of the Challenger disaster”. So what about the five male members of the “ill-fated crew”? 
Well, it so appears that four of them may possibly also still be quite alive and well – but let’s take a look at them, one by one… 


As a writer, I love to share knowledge in ways that allow me to play with words. As a Lightworker, I love to share knowledge that enlightens, removes fear, inspires and brings positive anticipation to the reader. This is the most exciting time in humanity’s history to be alive, and I hope my readers will agree once they know what I know to be Truth.



  1. Kennyboy says:

    Wait till you hear the REAL reason for the “Challenger Mission”…Then you will “Understand” WHY there was never anyone aboard that shuttle when it was launched…Clue: “The Secret Space Program”


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