Time To Skip The Dismal Mind Control and Start Jumping Time Lines

Yes! The New Renaissance has begun, so let’s act like it! I’ve found that when I keep myself informed, while not wallowing in the morass of negative news, I feel much better.
Remember to reconnect with outdoors and not as much time on the computer.

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

Author: Anonymous
April 16, 2015

We are all being inundated with the baddest of news – destruction of the nature news, false flag news, war news, planes disappearing or being hit or crashing news, police state news, pedophilia and satanic ritual news, one world government taking over news, end of the world news. 

It’s great mind control to have use keep believing there are catastrophic things are in our future.  We are stimulated to feel fear, depression, hopelessness, and passivity.  But when we FEEL those things, our emotions are like what keeps trains hooked onto rails, only the tracks are leading toward the doom the Cabal (Illuminati, 1%, ….) wants.  In accepting those beliefs about what we see and what we accept as the future, we become their strongest asset in keeping things heading to disaster for mankind and power for them.

Time to learn how to get…

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