Free Verse for Spring

 | April 15, 2015 Reply

This just in from Cynthia Bloombeetle and Scotty Thrashabout:

A Free Verse for Spring

Defying gravity, an impossible task,

a rebellion. a taste of freedom.

Spring grants wings to those crippled

by winter’s grey catatonia.

A metamorphosis of perspective

leaves Kafka turning in his grave.

Be free, young bug, but more importantly,

be brave.

The soggy brown leaf,

last spring’s ray of hope

becomes an emblem of decay.

Worm fodder,

poster child for Mother Nature’s thrift store,

repurposing the colors of last season’s garb

(not yet garbage).

Hyphae spread through rot

and steep a cup of compost tea.

Drink your fill here, measure the hour

only by the path of the sun.

After all, Father Time’s always been a pretty fungi!


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