Michael Salla Questions / GoodETxSG Responses 4-7-15… “Secret Space Programs more complex than previously revealed”

Excellent! MUST READ! Dr Salla does a great job here, and many thanks to Corey for his “service to others.” wink wink

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secret_space_programs_more_complex_exoplitics_image_240michael_salla_fb_head_1I was informed about this at 5:59 AM, and almost immediately started reading it. This is very extensive, and from my standpoint (at 5:59 it was “lying down point”) it’s an excellent deep look into various aspects of the “deep space” programs. As always, use your own discernment.

I’ve actually yet to read the entire thing, and will highlight later, possibly in a separate article, if it appears needed.


Secret space programs more complex than previously revealed

[Dr. Michael Salla] According to a new whistleblower claiming to have worked with multiple secret space programs, the complexity of programs, technologies and their dynamic interrelations is far greater than anything previously revealed. The overall scope of information “Corey” (aka GoodETxSG/Luke), is revealing on these secret space programs appears destined to dwarf anything released by prior whistleblowers. Already according to David Wilcock, who has spent 22 years researching whistleblower testimony…

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