Instant Karmic Whiplash

 | April 5, 2015 Reply

Today the Moon Goddess and I needed water, so we hopped in the car, threw the bottles in the back, and headed 5 miles out of town to where our favorite pipe sticking out of the ground runs into an old tub.

On the way we saw the requisite chemtrails in the sky. Didn’t they get the memo? It’s over. They’re simply moving deck chairs around on the Titanic in their failing, desperate attempts to implement their dominator agenda.

That brings us to the topic of today’s post: Now we have a new playing field, for indeed the worm HAS turned. It’s a bummer to be in the business of dark right about now. The old lies and tricks aren’t working anymore for the Old World Odor.  Perpetrators  are finding stuff blowing up right in their faces.

The reason? There’s too much light! The frequencies are rising so much that trying to fight them is a lost cause. The astrological influences are way more powerful than most of us realize, and the energies right now  overwhelmingly support love, transparency, and unity.

So that brings us to instant karmic whiplash. My understanding of the situation is that karma doesn’t work like instant payback. Or gitback as James Brown might’ve mentioned once  or twice. What appears more likely is The Law of Attraction, where our frequency of being attracts things to us that are appropriately matched. Hence we reap what we sew, what goes around comes around, etc.

So what we’re seeing more of with all this light shining is that our leaders,  those to whom we’ve entrusted as guides to uphold our organic constitution, are being exposed more and more for their actions of self interest.  And not only our leaders need root out incongruence between the walk and the talk, we all do.

Right. Increasingly, we need to take responsibility for our deeds, words, and thoughts more than ever before. We are quickly being shown what is out of balance in our lives. And hence the bummer for practicing the dark arts. It’s not so dark anymore. It’s light!

But daggone if karma  ain’t a convenient  artifice  to write a song around. Besides, on the way to the water pipe, we saw a lark. Lark’s message is “your sacred song is being awakened.” So here’s a karmic song to see if something wakes up for you. It’s time to have fun and reclaim our planet.

Instant Karmic Whiplash

I was once a Babylonian wage slave

And I worked from dawn to dusk

Then I said, “I don’t consent for you to drain me dry

And discard my used up husk.”

We notice the man is acting like

He can do what he’s always done

In his arrogance he forgot the power

That is stronger than his gun

He forgot about love’s power

Moving in waves that are ever so fast

By denying it he’ll suffer by the hour

In a case of instant karmic whiplash

He may think he acts beyond Cosmic Law

But suspicion has been gradually growing

That chickens do come home to roost

He’s gonna reap what he’s been sewing

The jig is up now, sisters and brothers

We got a fish and it’s on the line

It’s the one that played us all for suckers

One too many times

With an iron fist he’s ruled for eons

Through deception and deceit

But a wave of love has empowered us

To sweep him off his feet

He foreclosed on old widows

His heart was closed from seeing their plight

They knew it was instant karmic whiplash

When he met his fate that late, late night

When the coroner saw his body

In that cold, cold coroner’s room

He said, “Instant karmic whiplash was

The reason why he met his doom.”

So if his minions try to lash out at me

Because they think that they can win

They’ll be hit by karmic whiplash so fast

That it’ll make their heads spin

They may think they still act with impunity

Pulling their schemes in the dark of night

But now they’re dealing with a unified community

And we shall shine our light

Yes, we shall shine our light!

Demetrius Blather, 2015



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