James Gilliland Update 4-1-15… “Unity Consciousness Is Hitting Its Mark Like Never Before”

An excellent post by James Gilliland about how the prevailing energies are affecting us. The image of allowing the energies to pass through us and out again resonated strongly with me:
It is important to send these energies out, become like a hollow bone allowing these energies to clear out anything within self and let love flow out to others to help them in their healing process.

Kauilapele's Blog

james_gilliland_rmn_post_1This entire message resonated strongly with my Inner Self. Very strongly. Particularly the part about “boundaries are often necessary for self-preservation and also to teach by example”, as that was brought in front of my face tonight. There is one at this house who is quite un-conscious and seems to have little “boundary awareness”, and I have had to be very firm about this person approaching my space… living and personal BEing space.

“Many are feeling the intense energies coming in as of late… The source of these energies is multifold… Many light workers are being used as transmitters of this higher consciousness and energy. This is often felt as tingling in the crown chakra as the energies come in, which need to be transmitted through the heart. If you are experiencing headaches, nausea, dizziness and imbalance, heart palpitations, electrical discharges from the hands (shocks), etc.. this can be side…

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