From YFRT Facebook/OoTWx 3-28-15… “The ‘Domed Flat Earth’ Spaceship” [explaining all those YRFT words]”


This is the one that did it for me and helped me put the pieces together, though I can’t say I have it all figured out. Check it out for yourself and see what resonates with you. Now I have to go back and rewatch The Lie NASA Told and try to glean some more understanding from that.

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yellow_rose_6Some who have viewed the infamous The Lie NASA Told video from Yellow Rose might appreciate this one. Particularly I found myself rather “pulled in” to the video here. Several terms are explained, and as I watched more and more, there seemed to be a validation of some things. Personally, I’m just keeping an open mind about all of this.

The ‘Domed Flat Earth’ Spaceship

The domed flat Earth is a VAH. A VAH is a planet ship or a ship masked as a planet.

Examples of VAH can be seen on Soho Lasco C2 & C3 images.

Ed = black sun and is the numbers editor it is an A.I.
Yellow Sun = a firewall, that Lilith, the reptilians queen, put to cover Ed/The black sun.
The “Net” aka “Ma” is an A.I. and is the origin of the Smith program. The holographic sky.
The Poles…

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