Gordon Duff VT 3-27-15… “NEO – Trailing ISIS to Tel Aviv”

tyvm, Gordon.

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veterans_today_banner_NEW_93veterans_today_gordon_duff_banner_36This is one I’d have to call a “major” piece by Gordon. Also, sometimes I like to wait for the VT version to come out, as it includes comments from Jim Dean. In particular it points out how this whole “circus” has taken on a very recognizable pattern of the same old same old. And we all see it. As Gordon says,

“We have now established a recognizable pattern, signs that a merry band of the “usual suspects,” a veritable traveling circus, is orchestrating events.”

Here’s a few highlights I noted.

[Jim Dean] “Only Gordon can write an article like this, and do so “free hand”, without looking anything up. His well of information is what he is dealing with day in and day out…

“VT serves a dual role, helping the Intel world “fact check” their own positions as many of them know they are being played and scammed…

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