This is HUGE… 3-27-15… “State of Hawai‘i Judge Rules Hawaiian Kingdom Still Exists”!!!

Woohoo! This is key because it means restoring sovereignty to an illegally subjugated people and kingdom, plus it calls into question many of the other actions of our “elected representatives.” Yay Hawaii!!!

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hawaiian_kingdom_shield_28[Update: highlights may be found here.]

When I first heard of this, and then did a web search and found this article (from, I knew it was a major development for returning the Kingdom of Hawai’i back to its fullness. Significantly, on 3-5-15, Kingdom Chief Justice Jennifer Pawlowski was in an upper room of that courthouse on another court matter, and prior to that, on 3-3-15, her parents, Ali’i Mana’o Nui Lanny Sinkin and I performed a ceremony at Kilauea on 3-3-15. These were not coincidences. All were connected.

To view a video of the 3-5-15 Maui court proceedings, please go to this Vimeo link.

[Note that I do not say, “Restoring the Kingdom”, since I know that the Kingdom is still here. It was never abolished, never overthrown, never annexed, and never “state-ified” (under International and U.S law). We are here on the islands as…

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