Starship Earth appears to have Disappeared…

I hope she’s up and running again soon: one of my favorite sites. Dang!
Blessings to you, Molly!

Kauilapele's Blog

starship_earth_the_big_picture_NEW_header_6Yes, I have noticed. I’ve no idea what happened to her site.

Try it yourself and see.

– Forgot to pay the annual domain registration fee.
– Forgot to pay domain server fee.
– Forgot to pay the “fee for having to pay a fee”.
– Did not drink enough coffee, tea, or mocha.
– Accidentally walked through one of those stray, out of control portals GoodETxSG talked about in his videos.
– Decided to join the cabal network and destroy them from within.
– Was not posting enough so WordPress cancelled her account.
– Decided to elope with that 55 foot tall Andromedan she’d been seeing on the side.
– Decided to return home to Sirius BP.

No matter what, we look forward to seeing her back on planet Starship Earth again soon.

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