HUGE NEWS: Clinton/Bush/Pr. Andrew/Epstein Pedophile Ring EXPOSED by Mainstream Media

It’s finally happening, the formerly Untouchables are now wriggling in the spotlight.

Spade don’t like it when you call a spade a spade!

The Big Picture
What’s happening on our planet—and why

Clinton/Bush/Andrew/Epstein Pedophile Ring EXPOSED by Mainstream Media [videos]

Now here’s some POSITIVE news you won’t want to miss. It has certainly seemed like there has been an organized effort to bring to light the satanic pedophilia rings the Illuminati embrace. It’s about time. ~ BP

HUGE NEWS: Clinton/Bush/Pr. Andrew/Epstein Pedophile Ring EXPOSED by Mainstream Media


News and Commentary By: Support USA: Ban TSA for Patriot News II

Its all finally coming out, folks. The Vatican-run Child Sex Slavery/Blackmail Rings that are used to keep all evil rulers of the world subservient to the Crown and the Vatican NWO scheme are finally being exposed en masse, to the point where even the mainstream media (who have many news anchors who are MK Ultra/Sex Slave Kitten puppets themselves, such as Megan Kelly of Fox News, Robin Mead of CNN and Melissa Harris-Perry of MSNBC) can now longer cover up their involvement.

Even as the BBC, David Cameron, Queen Elizabeth and the British government continue to be exposed for their connections to this horrific and treasonous crime against their peoples and governmental system, as well as Pope Ratzinger continues to be literally a fugitive from justice within Vatican City, this latest scandal explodes, directly tying the British Monarchy’s Child Rape Rings into our own “government” officials’ own. Jimmy Saville has finally met Bohemian Grove and the Franklin Scandal. Bill Clinton has directly been named over 20 times in billionaire convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s phone book…who was only put in jail for 13 months for a crime that demands 25 years or more. Who was responsible for stopping Epstein from being held accountable for his rape crimes? George W. Bush, whose father was fingered by eyewitnesses as a child rapist in the Franklin Scandal/Boys Town/White House Child Teenage Prostitution Scandal, which also received great mainstream media attention, and apparently resulted in the murders of the former head of the CIA, Bill Colby, and FBI superstar chief Ted Gunderson, as well as the intimidation of Senator John DeCamp and several eyewitness children who testified of their sexual abuse, including one who was sent to prison for telling the truth in court for over 4 years, Alisha Owen.

But don’t let me waste your time anymore on commentary, check out the horrific facts yourself and draw your OWN conclusions:

Bill Clinton identified in lawsuit against pedophile Jeffrey …

Bill Clinton’s name found 21 times in sex offender Jeffrey …

The prince and the sex offender: Prince Andrew and Jeffrey …

Check out all the videos for yourself…

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