Bizarre Events in February Related to the Ongoing Space War [video]

Bizarre Events in February Related to the Ongoing Space War

Thank you, Joy, for the video!

It’s getting intense out there, my friends. A fireball over Florida, a crashed UFO in Lake Winnipeg, UFO sightings in Oregon, frightful noises in the sky over Tulsa, Oklahoma…

If you don’t normally read comments under my posts, here’s one (thank you Liz) related to the UFO crash in Lake Winnipeg. Sounds right to me, particularly in relation to the other things we know/see are going on with respect to the space war and our Galactic guardians in the final days of our battle for freedom.

“I AM receiving info that it was a craft that is not of this earth/mankind. There were 6 BEings on that craft, they all perished. These were ET’s that are detrimental to the Earth and Her population or “of the dark forces”, and were taken down by the GFOL [Galactic Federation of Light], who are protecting Earth at this point.”

Here’s a shot of the UFO embedded in the ice of Lake Winnipeg from this website.

A UFO Has Crash Landed In Canada And The MILITARY Has It Surrounded [VIDEOS]

UFO reports are also logged here for Arlington, Oregon on February 20th and earlier.

Apparently there was a fireball sighted over Florida, and some “astonishing” booms and noises over Tulsa, Oklahoma got the attention of a lot of people.

Nothing would surprise me at this point. If people only knew what is really happening out there…

Clearly, the cabal is not giving up. They will fight to the death. Their own. ~ BP

Published on 22 Feb 2015

On February 19, 2015 at 3:00pm some Tulsa residents ran out of their homes, some pulled over and got out of their cars looking to the sky for something big! A strange sound had some people very puzzled and some people and I quote “I thought the world was coming to an end”! This sound was supposedly that out of the ordinary.…………

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