Thins Are Now Different- Even Dreams

Things are Different Now—Even Dreams

I had a rare dream this morning. I have never dreamed about space ships or the Galactics before that I recall, but I dreamed I was with a few friends on some kind of mass transportation and someone shouted to look out the window and up in the night sky was a mass of red lights similar to the image above, relatively stationery.

Next, we were on the deck of a large ship with a lot of other people, like a cruise ship but more utilitarian, like the converted British troop ship I toured the Mediterranean on when I was 18. No deck chairs!

It was almost dark, and a space craft like an advanced plane in a light beige colour was streaking down toward us off the starboard bow, then dove into the ocean, and at first we thought it was going to crash, but at the last second it slowed and made a controlled entry, then resurfaced.

Without being told, many of us lined up at the gangway ready to disembark. I was near the head of the line and very excited! Others milled about and were watching the craft now floating on the sea.

We entered the craft, which wasn’t very big from the outside, and it looked most bizarre inside. It was full of small corridors and doors like a maze, no windows or portholes, and it was decorated with relics like pieces of old wine barrels and hunks of rusty metal from farm machinery. I think there were refreshments for us, too.

And it was NOT small inside. It went on forever, and no one told us what to do or where to go. We just began wandering around and exploring on our own—and then a bird crashed into the bedroom window and woke me up. Figures. The first really great dream I’ve had in ages and it’s disrupted by a flying object… ~ BP

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