TASS 1-28-15… “Ukrainians grow unwilling to serve in the army — media”

What if they had a war and nobody came? …..LET’S FIND OUT!!!

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ukraine_checkpoint[Kp note: pardon me, I posted the article but had the wrong title. Here is the related article with that other title.]

More evidence/data which illustrates that people all around the planet are sick of “fighting”, and not putting up with “conscription”. See this earlier post about drone pilots in the US.

“Ukraine’s male population has massively started leaving abroad in search of jobs to dodge the current mobilization campaign. Entire villages are booking buses to dispatch their men as far as possible…

“Men from western regions are leaving for Poland and Hungary. The city military committee in Ukraine’s capital Kiev is also complaining about draft dodgers… Human resource experts are noting growing interest in vacancies abroad.

[Putin] “Many people… do not want to be mobilized. They are trying to move to Russia and lie low for some time. And they are absolutely right because they are simply being sent…

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