Jim Fetzer VT 1-17-15… “The Abdication of Reason and Rationality in Northfield, MN”

Rock on, Jim! Take a hike, trolls and shills for the 1%ers.

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veterans_today_banner_NEW_34veterans_today_jim_fetzer_banner_14This article illustrates what I would call “Psychological Blockage to Data”. And I know that David Wilcock has mentioned this in some of his articles and books, particularly as it applies to “not lined up with the Official Government Commission Findings and Reports” about things like “JFK Assassination”, 9-11, Sandy Hook, etc., etc.

People become very brain-oriented (brain washed) to those “Official Government Commission Findings and Reports”, and often never look at alternative theories, since those theories require a Brain-FUD (Flipping Inside Out). And accepting such alternatives requires “The OM” (Open Mind).

And that, my friends, is what “The Red Pill” is all about.

How I love it when these so-called “scientific” types hear about an alternative idea and promptly close their minds so quickly you can feel the earthquakes in the Halls of Knowledge. Just as the folks in Jim’s article immediately dismiss him, without researching what he has…

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