Cobra Update 1-12-15… “The Return of Light”

I LOOOOOVE good news…and here’s some for you.

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portal2012_logo_vertical103[Kp update: thanks to Roberto, here is a link to an article about the ice halos viewed from Red River, NM, if you wish to read more about this phenomenon.]

I accompany this Cobra update with a remark from Yellow Rose for Texas about the rainbows and colors appearing.

[Cobra] “[The appearance of Comet Lovejoy] symbolically means that love and joy are transforming the duality consciousness and darkness which originated from the constellation of Orion. All darkness will be absorbed into the One.

“[YRFT] gave me an update for everyone. I asked her about the rainbows in the clouds that everyone has been seeing and posting pictures of on the internet. I actually got a photo of the rainbow clouds myself last week. She said “The rainbows are about getting ready for the big show.”


The Return of Light

Regardless of all chaos, false flags and infighting…

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