Cosmic Convergence: An OPEN LETTER To President Vladimir Putin

A beautiful Sign of the Times! Putin has done far more for the citizens of the world than our mercenary politicians here in the ” Land of the Free.”

Edgar Cayce wasn’t the only one who believes the key to regaining our sovereignty lies with Mother Russia: look no further than the wonderful set of Anastasia books by Ringing Cedars of Russia press for some fascinating and inspirational reading!

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

The folks at Cosmic convergence have been in touch with me, and I know they are very interested to hear your thoughts on this letter. Anything needing to be changed? Edited? Added? We all need to take this effort seriously and give them all the help and support we can . . . thanks and hugs, ~Jean

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Cosmic Convergence

Dear President Putin,

Greetings from the USA!

Please know that you have earned the deep respect and admiration of millions of Americans.

Your many quiet peace initiatives are very much appreciated by billions around the world.

Nations large and small are well aware of the extraordinary restraint and patience exercised by Russia in the face of numerous provocations to start a World War III.

Hence, the purpose of this open letter at this most crucial time of human history.

It is now clear to many Americans that…

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