Message from the Owner of… “More rumors about Seen”

Thanks for clearing that up!

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seen.is_logo_1Recently I opened a account, as I’d heard it’s more “private” than Facebook, and all that. I also know several who opened an email account. They’re based in Iceland, and supposedly follow Iceland’s privacy laws, which I’m sure are a bit more “privacy respectful” that the U.S. CORP’s NSAed “collect ’em all, figure out who the ‘terrorists’ are later”.

I’ve seen internetty stuff out there that said something like and are connected to a guy (Chris Kitze) who used to be with Intelius (internetty implication: “They’re ‘bad'”).

So I post the email they sent to and users.

Unseen (and Seen) are totally separate companies from Intelius or any other company and other than me, there are zero other Intelius shareholders in Unseen. We don’t have any VC’s or big companies or even other large outside investors, it’s owned by me and the other people…

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