Kevin Barrett VT 1-2-15… “Air Asia jet “thrust down by giant hand” …of Zionism?”

The jig is up! Zionists are getting desperate under the advance of the light, and we are no longer fooled by the lies.!

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veterans_today_banner_NEW_14veterans_today_kevin_barrett_banner_14This tongue in cheek expose of what “might be” happening with the 3 Malaysian airlines jet being shot down in 2014 is, very likely, very right on the mark.


Air Asia jet “thrust down by giant hand” …of Zionism?

Malaysian airliners are falling as if thrust by a giant hand

"Fasten your seat belts, Zionist turbulence ahead"

Jim Fetzer and I covered “Malaysian tribunal finds Israel guilty of genocide,  three Malaysian planes fall from the sky” during our “Biggest False Flag Stories of 2014″ wrap-up on False Flag Weekly News:

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor
Malaysia is a nation of moderate size. It is the sixty-eighth largest country in geographical area and ranks forty-fourth in population.

What are the odds that three of its passenger airliners would fall out of the sky – all under mysterious, even bizarre circumstances – in one year?

If you don’t see anything suspicious in what happened to Malaysian Flight…

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