Shock-Waves (Part II), by Preston James

MUST READ!!! You won’t see this on the 6 o’clock news.

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

The shock waves of Gordon Duff’s speech at the Damascus Conference on December 1-2, 2014 continue to reverberate around the World in almost every security and intel unit, and among the world’s top leaders and diplomats.

These shock waves are generating numerous sophisticated counter-espionage efforts for the very first time time among nations victimized by state-sponsored terrorism; and these efforts are now directed at combatting the true cause of global terrorism, the large Organized Crime Cabal (OCC). 

The Historic keynote Address by Gordon Duff* and the follow-up Briefing by Colonel Jim Hanke** were in part captured by Jim Dean*** who took some historic video. Jim Dean gave numerous Syrian interviews.

Mike Harris**** also gave numerous Syrian interviews which reinforced and supplemented Duff’s content.

Sixty-eight different Nations attended the Counterterrorism Conference and 35 Nations had Official Representation at the conference.

The content of Gordon Duff’s and Colonel Jim Hanke’s…

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