1-30-15… “US started Ukraine civil war”… [Pt. 1 of 2]

The smoking gun? Indeed! Spade don’t like it when you call a spade a spade!
The paid shills tried to shout down his speech and they later beat him. Blessings to you,Oleg Tsarov!

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oleg_tsarnov_speech_ukraine_nov_2013_1This I just noticed at It’s a very forthright account of what really happened and who really was behind the Ukraine civil war. Part of the reason I’m posting this is because this is the first time I have ever seen this (in November 2013, when all this started, I was somewhere in Texas, I believe).

Although this may seem like repetitive information, I feel this article, which contains the translation text of the video with Ukraine Deputy Oleg Tsarov, should be kept front and center to present to those who say “The Russians did it.”

I’ll post the video separately, here.

“America’s new addition to its Empire is funded with billions and millions supported by NATO and other mercenaries. Yet, Kiev still cannot complete its mission the US trained it for. Oleg Tsarov warned about the impish activities the US was performing before the protests began…

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Before success comes in any man’s life, he is sure to meet with much temporary defeat, and perhaps some failures. When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest and most logical thing to do is to quit. That is what the majority of men do. That is why the majority is just ordinary.

Before success comes in any man's life, he is sure to meet with much temporary defeat, and perhaps some failures. When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest and most logical thing to do is to quit. That is what the majority of men do. That is why the majority is just ordinary..

Thanks, Matt, for a good quote and wonderful attitude!

Preston James & Mike Harris VT 1-27-15… “It’s time for a Big Terminology Change” [Part I]

Brilliant article! In the words of the almost legendary Demetrius Blather: ” Spade don’t like it when you call a spade a spade.”

The cunningness of the great deception and the deflection of criticism by using anti-Semitism has now been exposed. Looking forward to reading part II.

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veterans_today_banner_NEW_41veterans_today_preston_james_banner_21[Link to Part II ]

This quite impressive (and, I sense, apocalyptically (for it’s “unveiling value”) important) article by Preston and Mike is another example of the un-masking of history. For myself, it’s primarily an unmasking of my aware Self from the mask of “history as I thought it was because that’s what I heard in school and on TV and in the movies and on and on and on…”

I cannot say that I have ever had any interest in any of what was behind what has happened, and now is happening, in Palestine, Israel, and anything related to that. Until now… because it does have significance in the entire world movie that is currently playing out… to a Grand Resolution.

Because of pieces like this one, and others, I feel the removal of “masks”, “blinders, “poor-prescription glasses, contacts, and eyeballs”, is in full swing for humanity on this…

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TASS 1-28-15… “Ukrainians grow unwilling to serve in the army — media”

What if they had a war and nobody came? …..LET’S FIND OUT!!!

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ukraine_checkpoint[Kp note: pardon me, I posted the article but had the wrong title. Here is the related article with that other title.]

More evidence/data which illustrates that people all around the planet are sick of “fighting”, and not putting up with “conscription”. See this earlier post about drone pilots in the US.

“Ukraine’s male population has massively started leaving abroad in search of jobs to dodge the current mobilization campaign. Entire villages are booking buses to dispatch their men as far as possible…

“Men from western regions are leaving for Poland and Hungary. The city military committee in Ukraine’s capital Kiev is also complaining about draft dodgers… Human resource experts are noting growing interest in vacancies abroad.

[Putin] “Many people… do not want to be mobilized. They are trying to move to Russia and lie low for some time. And they are absolutely right because they are simply being sent…

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True Warrior Spirit!

Here’s an excellent article that really resonates with me, more than “being at war” with someone, somebody(s), or myself. Check it out. demetrius13

Sunday, January 25, 2015
True Warrior Spirit

True Warrior Spirit
by Tomas Qubeck
January 24, 2015 in New Earth Heartbeat

Currently the term “warrior” seems to be finding resonance with many who desire a change in the power structure on our planet. It has become obvious that those entities who have seen themselves as the power-holders are no longer able to maintain their power over others. The time has now come for all entities to stand in our own power and rule our joint affairs in love from the realization of our oneness. However, the former power structures that have been instituted and upheld over long periods of time are, thanks to the force of inertia, still operating, albeit visibly shaken and increasingly unstable.

In my perception the term “warrior” in this global context carries the flavor of “putting the poor creature (of the old power structures) out of its misery” by means of a ‘coup de grâce’ – a death blow. This attitude then often translates into forms of social and political activism toward this aim. In its most constructive form the purpose of this activism is to educate the ‘sheeple’ who are in the process of waking up, regarding the fraud that forms the basis of all former power structures and instruct them in ways of using the former system’s own rules to checkmate to corporate structures posing as government.

In this article I am focusing on the vibrational frequency of the term “warrior,” as one who wages war, which is its dictionary meaning. I believe that many who feel called to stand in their power and no longer allow their power to be usurped by others feel the term “warrior” and also “warrior spirit” aptly expresses their attitude of waking up from a state of complacency. While I strongly agree that it is high time for everyone to wake up from a complacent state of consciousness, I see the fallacy of believing that this necessarily leads to a posture of ‘waging war’. When I hear the term “warrior” I then ask “against whom is war to be waged?”

Of course, the only deeper answer in the context of oneness is that I must wage war against myself. In a certain sense this is valid, as on a metaphysical level all aggressiveness, intolerance, impatience and violence that I allow and express through my being, however subtle in their forms, are the ultimate cause of the wars, oppression and slavery that I experience today as being in the world outside of me. Therefore, the context for a “spiritual warrior” is the context “spirit,” which refers to the realization that all which is conventionally held to be matter is actually energy or “spirit”, and thus an aspect of the living, conscious universe. Furthermore, it bases on the realization that I am a center of energy first and foremost and that I am the one who, to a substantial degree, determines my vibrational frequency which then expresses itself in the form of my being and my world.

On the background of this understanding I suggest a different term than the term “warrior” and it is a term that I became familiar with through the teachings of the Zen master Linji (9th Century AD) via the living Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. It is the term “true person”. This term implies a sense of high integrity, clarity and the deep intention to stay true to being a consciously embodied expression of intelligent infinity which is now often referred to as “oneness”. There may be other equally suitable terms more to the individual’s liking, but my point is that I do not feel that I need to wage war against myself, much less anyone else. Rather I am called to deepen my clarity and compassionate understanding of my own behavior patterns that are residue from the old matrix conditioning, so as to rob them of their power to run me. The “warrior spirit” for me is valid as a sense of strong earnestness and conviction, which I aspire to embody in my interactions with all entities in my daily life. In this way I am able to cleanse myself of behavior patterns that are lacking in true integrity as an empowered and aware aspect of the great one.

Thich Nhat Hanh:

“Wherever we are, we are our true person.”
“The true person doesn’t go looking for an outside master. WE are in charge of our own destiny and we have to be responsible for each of our own words, thoughts, and actions. Mindfulness will help. Then we realize, ‘I’m thinking like this; I’m responsible for these thoughts. I’ve spoken like that; I’m responsible for my words. I’m doing this, and I’m responsible for this action.’
“We have to know that each word, each thought, each of our actions carries our signature. We are responsible for it and that is called being in charge of ourselves.
“Wherever we stand, wherever we sit, we are the true person. We are masters of ourselves and wherever we are, we are ourselves. We only need to live these eight words, and that’s enough to make us master Linji’s student. Worthy to be his continuation: ‘Wherever we are, we are our true person.’ Write these words and hang them somewhere to remind yourself.”

This way of living with greatest possible awareness of all my thoughts, words and actions in every moment, in the present moment, requires great sincerity and a commitment to living in excellence as a way of life, not only in a moment of crisis. The truth is that in our industrialized culture every moment calls for the same determination and courage as when I was a samurai on the battlefield centuries ago in another culture. The challenge is to keep up that posture and high ethic when driving in traffic or when my living companions push my buttons early in the morning before my first cup of coffee or late in the evening after a trying day in the matrix. To meet this challenge day to day and moment to moment is to be my True Person, or a spiritual warrior, if you so will.

Living this way I then know at every turn of the road what it is I am called to do, whether it is to sign an online petition for political and social change, to accompany someone to the fraudulent courthouse to demonstrate their empowerment, or to take action to demonstrate and realize my own, or to take other forms of action that my integrity dictates to me. In my experience I then have increasing clarity as to what form of action I am called to, and be it to sit and ground myself more deeply in oneness and the awareness of my role as an embodiment of intelligent infinity or the cosmic awareness of this living universe. Sometimes the greatest contribution to bringing down the old power structure is indeed to BE in the new frequency of self-empowerment. This inner posture may appear to the casual onlooker as passivity or stasis but on closer examination may prove to be as a spinning top or a gyroscope which is full of intensity although remaining in one “location”.

There are times when I feel so very ordinary, without any deeper intensity or insights and really don’t know anything more than that I am a very ordinary person doing ordinary things. In these times somewhere in me a low voice says to just be like that and not make any effort to do something that would more fit my “image” of myself as someone who is living in extraordinary times doing something significant. Put in a different way, to remain calm and centered in a very unnoticeable manner sometimes takes great courage and not to get nervous about “going nowhere, doing nothing”. Then I am being authentic and I am my true person.

Only I myself in total honesty to myself and my creator source can know if I am being true to myself, no matter what it is I am doing. To stay in that integrity to myself and not be seduced by concepts or others’ opinion of me – that is for me the ultimate test for true warrior spirit.
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