HIGHLIGHTS from the “He’s Back, Baby!!… Comments by David Wilcock on the 12-16-14 Ben Fulford” Post…

It’s so nice to have these reminders that all we’ve gone thru and sacrificed for is not going for naught! Progress is being made on so many fronts, and it’s wonderful to get a boost like this. Mahalo!

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David_Wilcock_Search110I’m posting (my) highlights here. Original post is here.

A comment about the last thing David said, “If people view my life from an ordinary perspective they really cannot understand what I go through.”… This is true for many many planetary “workers” (Earth-, Light-, media-, blogger-, …). Each has their unique role, and those who denigrate such people will someday understand that they cannot understand everything, and do not need to.

A famous saying by “The ‘Wise ‘Ōkole’ Owl”*:

“When in doubt, shut thy mout(h)”…


Comment by dwilcock on December 16, 2014 @ 1:47 am (and here)

The official release of the torture report is extremely significant, and shows a massive sign of progress. The statement by Lagarde about the IMF seeking an alternative to US stonewalling the implementation of the new financial system… is also very significant

[the Cosby story] They…

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