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2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Words are actually “whirr’eds” which means that they are spun! To “whirl” around, is to turn and turn and turn, which is why we all live together on a “whirled” (world), which “spins” on an axis as it turns.

The “whirled” (world) we all live on is completely covered by a very large Magnetic Field — MAG-net-IC Field – MAGIC “FEELED” which tells us all about our interpersonal relationship to our “whirled” (world).

When we speak “whirr’eds” (words) — we actually spin or cast thoughts and vibrations into the larger “whirled” (world) which has a magnetic field all around it. When these “whirr’eds” (words) are spun or cast out they have to CHANGE the “whirl’ed” (world) we live on because they ALSO have been “whirr’ed” or spun by YOU in such a way that they too have their own magnetic fields – MAG-net-IC fields! Thus it can be said they now have…

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