Preston James VT, 10-9-14… “Secret Space War XVIII: Completely Verboten!”… “Even Disclosure is going to have its limits”


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veterans_today_preston_james_banner_11Well, I’m reading this one at 11:44 PM, and still finding things I could highlight, but I’m going to stop now and post this. It is (for me, at least) an extremely fascinating read.

I feel this is one of the many disclosure type articles that are coming out at this time to help the planet prepare for full disclosure of who we are.

BTW I loved watching the second video (Nazi Antarctic base/Byrd military mission).

And don’t forget to read about the “Vril Girls”…

“…actual verified Disclosure of the presence of Alien ETs and their anti-gravity craft will be allowed and will be systematically rolled out in an orderly fashion… However, even with this “Full Disclosure” there are some things you will absolutely NOT BE ALLOWED to know at this time.

“One reason [for past secrecy about ETs] is that if the Roswell crash was completely disclosed with information…

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