These Energies (dammit!!)… Here’s an Aisha North that may help… and “The Cosmic Equin-AX”

As usual KP nails it again, this time in a review of a brilliant article Aisha North that really resonates with what I’ve been going through. What about you, are you dropping your excess baggage, or at least identifying what it is?

Kauilapele's Blog

aisha_north_dove_logo_1I’ve never posted an Aisha, and I know nothing about her (him?). All I’ll say is that I was looking within, and realized that these energies and the compressiveness, the tiring out-ingness, the “what the hell am I going through now“-ingness of them, are somehow connected to the equinox. And that’s what struck me in this article… the Equinox.

Funny… I just wrote “equinax”, and then corrected. As I feel it, there is a grand cosmic AX which is assisting us in releasing and chopping off any outdated things that are holding us back or down or whatever. So the 9-21-14 truly is an “equin-AX”. And the build up to it, well, that’s what could be called a “pain in the AX”.

This is a long article. Most of what I got out of it was in the first few sentences. Here are a couple points that stuck in…

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