Kevin Barrett 9-14-14… “9/11 truth, Palestine TKO Zionist gatekeepers”

Must read! Yay for the good guys. Again!!

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veterans_today_kevin_barrett_banner_5[KP note: first posting of this had no title, so I’ve re-posted.]

There were a few items in this Kevin Barrett article that I felt tuned in to. Here are those highlights.

“Oddly (and libelously) Commentary falsely attributed my “Arrest Kissinger” article to the government of Iran! They even seemed to suggest that the US should break off nuclear negotiations and go to war with Iran because those mean & nasty Iranian leaders had published such an evil anti-Kissinger, anti-neocon article.

“It’s telling that Commentary felt the need to squeal so senselessly about my Kissinger piece. The neocons, its seems, are getting more and more desperate. They know they are on the ropes.

“The sea change in public opinion “after Gaza” was on full display at yesterday’s Fighting Bob Fest, the Midwest’s premiere left-populist get-together. There were two – count ‘em – 9/11 truth tables: Mine, representing the Sifting and…

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