New Freedom Song

Here’s a new freedom song to help anchor the new earth template, which will gradually dislodge the old fear based matrix installed by the Old World Odor, that crusty group of bankers and control freaks that have worn out their welcome.

Dragged this over from Fly over and join the project to get a CD out by the year’s end to illuminate the need for change and illustrate the type of loving world we all want to share in!

Hint: you really need to check out “Did You Hear About the Man?” and “Spade Don’t Like It When You Call a Spade a Spade”

Uncle Freddy’s Presto Pesto Al Fresco

He’s got personality out the ying yang
And when he smiles, the ladies swoon
The food he makes will make your tongue dance
When you use your fork or spoon

He’s known for his Presto Pesto al fresco
You can have an entre or a side
So honey strap your seat belt on
Gonna take your taste buds for a ride

He grows all fresh ingredients
Behind the garden wall
If you wanna be expedient
Just lick your plate so you get it all

You can eat under an umbrella
And feel the tropical breeze
Come on girls, grab your fellas
And hit the dance floor if you please

It’s open way past midnight
You got a tiger in your tank
You better remember who told you ’bout this place
So you know who to thank

Don’t leave to soon, the fun’s just starting
Freddy will put a twinkle in your eye
If you’re tired and thinking of departing
You can rest up after you die


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