Kathryn May 8-30-14… “Ra: Light or Darkness – Which do You Manifest?”

It’s happening, can you feel it?

Kauilapele's Blog

    kathryn_may_newer_7This message (received via email) rather “stood out” for me. Apparently this is not yet posted at Kathryn’s current messages page. What hit me in this message, had to do with my recent sensations of “discomfort” or “un-comfort” in this body. And when the message stated,

    “The energies from the Central Sun are flowing across the planet in ever-increasing waves, carrying the electromagnetic pulse which is changing your carbon-based DNA to crystalline… Is it any wonder you are feeling unbalanced, grumpy, and simultaneously open and hopeful? These are natural feelings, given the loss of what you once felt as your foundation… It is understandable that you are feeling as if the rug had been pulled out from under you. It has, in a sense. The familiar vibration of your deepest being – your human body as you have known it for thousands of years – is changing, as you continue…

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