Steve Beckow, GAoG 8-23-14… “Maximum Danger; Minimum Risk”

Good one on listening from Steve Beckow.

Kauilapele's Blog

Ear_golden_steve_beckow_postThis post by Steve really hit on a few items that have been in my recent awareness, particularly the points below. I’d have to agree that we are definitely in some type of “Perfect Storm”… namely, a storm that is “perfect” for enabling each one of us, and the planet, to release the old, and move forward and upward.

“…Archangel Michael on Friday… said we’d emerge from the Tsunami of Love “addicted to love.” The next wave is being called “the perfect storm.”

“But a lot of what’ll come up for some people during some of that process – me included – are their core issues, major vasanas, etc…

“Good listening is invisible. The number of people who said I was a brilliant conversationalist was legion, when all I did was listen. What conversation? Listening is not a conversation. It’s the other person speaking.

“The secret, if there is one…

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