Cobra Update 8-5-14… “Short Planetary Situation Update”… “Despite all appearances, victory of the Light is near”

Victory of the Light is near.

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portal2012_logo_vertical75There’s quite a bit of promising data in this Cobra update. I’m feeling, “We’re close, baby!!”

“We have now reached the stage when only the core of the Chimera group remains, and clearing that core group is now the main challenge.

“The etheric Archon grid is [in] the final stage of dissolution and the power of the Archons diminishing rapidly, leaving the Chimera group as the main controllers of quarantine Earth and their plasma scalar network as the main tool of psychological programming.

“They know the breakthrough of Light is near and they still want to do whatever they can to postpone it.

” The Chimera… and the Archons… are still at the top of the food chain… All this structure will fall apart when the exotic weapons of the Chimera group are removed and therefore their mechanisms of planetary control dissolved.

“This is the main condition for the…

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