Kevin Barrett, PressTV, 8-5-14… “9/11 probe closing in on Israel”

Brilliant sleuthing and dot-connecting!

As the story behind the story comes to light, we can see why the Nazionist warmongers are so desperate to create a diversion: the puzzle is being solved with such clarity that a child can understand it!

Kauilapele's Blog

presstv_kevin_barrett_banner_2I post this as it sheds Light on the situation in Gaza. Dr. Barrett considers the actions of “Israel” (namely Zionists) in Gaza a result of a last ditch effort to avert the inevitable connection of these Zionists to 9/11.

“…the Zionists must be taking desperate measures because they are in a desperate situation. In my recent article “Israel: A cornered rat” I explained why the Israelis are desperate: The are facing a demographic challenge; the Palestinian resistance is getting better at asymmetrical warfare; and global public opinion (especially American public opinion) is gradually, inexorably turning against them.

“But I left out what may be the most important factor: The slow, steady progress of the 9/11 truth movement.

“The second 9/11 truth breakthrough this week was the success of the High Rise Safety Initiative in New York City, which would force a new investigation of the obvious (but…

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