Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall of VT, 7-15-14… “US Dollar Suffers Serious Setback”

Excellent financial analysis. Looking forward to watching the video.

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veterans_today_stuart_jeanne_bramhall_banner_1Why would anyone want to shift over to the BRICS bank system? This article by Dr. Bramhall I feel really lays it out very well. The control over countries exercised by the IMF, World Bank, and the devastation they experience if any country ever stops trading oil in the US petro-dollar… it’s like leaving an abusive parent and moving to a loving, supportive foster family.

This is, in my mind, why the BRICS bank initiative is so significant, and so important for the planet. Yes, it’s still a “banking system”, however, it’s a system designed for building up developing countries, rather than destroying them.


US Dollar Suffers Serious Setback

One More Nail in the Coffin

Today Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa struck another blow against the US petrodollar in Fortaleza Brazil. Leaders of the five emerging nations officially  agreed to form their own development bank to…

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