Surfing the Energies- July 10, 2014- James Gilliland Style


Yes, the feelings are getting heavier, more chaotic,etc, but we must remain centered and regain our center asap if we lose it. Thanks to James for this message.   -d13




Next energy wave is building. This new wave is building on the last wave of energy and it will peak in 4 weeks. I am already seeing the effects of the last wave and people are not processing or handling the new energies. I have seen behavior indicative of exposure to fluctuations in the magnetic fields such as lethargy and intense mood swings, agitative states and emotional outbursts triggered by the smallest of things. We have to learn to detach from other peoples process, choose not to participate or engage. Engaging usually just adds to the drama, feeds it and also adds you to the mix. I started my day with a trip to Eugene Oregon. I had breakfast in Hood River with a few unexpected friends on my way to Eugene. As we got up to leave a man threw a tantrum about us standing near the door and not leaving fast enough. He tried to engage me, I just smiled and opened the door for him. He tried a second time to get a response yet I said nothing just keep smiling refusing to take on the energies. A truck jackknifed in the road on my way out of Hood River. I asked if this is an omen, maybe not a good time to leave the ranch. I did not get an answer on the inner level yet could not get a go ahead feeling. I entered the highway West bound on 84 with the feeling maybe I should not pursue this meeting. I always like to keep my agreements. The feeling got stronger and I heard another day. A few miles up there was a major accident with several cars and what seemed to be an ambulance involved with the windows broken out and front end smashed in. Large trucks were also involved. My GPS also was giving me incorrect information. Finally I decided enough is enough and upon that decision I felt a strong rush of energy validating it was the right choice. I am using this example because we are all going to have to be flexible in the days to come. The old saying man plans and God laughs is going to be rather appropriate. We are also going to have to develop our own inner sensitivity, learn to listen to that little voice within. It is also wise to learn to keep centered when others are loosing theirs. These waves of energy are creating chaos especially with those who are resisting the awakening and healing process. The control freaks and aggressive ones are going to have the biggest challenges. They carry the denser frequencies and are not frequency specific to where the Earth is evolving. They will implode if they do not have a way to release their anger and aggression not on others but through healing. Lets not forget the quickening of the action/reaction principle or Karma. Armageddon means the great uncovering. Soon nothing will be hidden, everything will surface into the light. It is not a good time for tyranny, overpowering others, or any actions that are not in the highest and best good of humanity and the Earth. It is also not a good time for the posers, agents of disempowerment and disinformation. You were never meant to turn your power over to others, rely on them to tell you the truth. Truth is known from within, we are responsible for doing our own investigation. This includes making ones own personal God/Creator, Spirit connection. Imagine applying that to the UFO community, religious and spiritual community even governments. What a novel idea.



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