Return of the Goddess

This one feels really good, similar to what’s been going on with me.

Orion Diamond

hathoor-mainA cryptic message from my friend a few days before the Eclipse started an inner rumbling within my being.  The message read “Heart-stone awakens, Isis Goddess ancient portal”.  A perfect cryptic clue for the week that followed.  I knew something huge was happening within the universe and that we were all in for an energetic shake up of a proportion not seen before.

I spent the Solstice on the beach with friends activating ancient Geometric energies and portals of the Star Gate. It was a super charged day full of light and fun with a cosmic reading that blew me away.  I knew being this high usually means that the days ahead will be a deep recalibration process. So from the Solstice until this day I have been to the depths of despair and to the heights of the stars and back again numerous times.   The energy flowing through…

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