Grackle Medicine Helps You Get Unstuck

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June 26, 2014

Grackle Medicine Helps You Get Unstuck

The grackles came to us in waves here at Lady Bug Villa.  Five, ten, fifteen, twenty of them.  Their sheer numbers indicated that they were bringing a message to us.

Nature is continually sending us signals, giving us messages.  The natural follow-up to this is, “What are these messages and how can I decipher them?”  We use Ted Andrew’s book Animal-Speak  as our go-to reference for common creatures of spaceship earth; for the less-common, his Animal-Wise, and for plants and environment,Nature-Wise.  Various internet sites using “totem” or “metaphysical meaning” in the search are also helpful.

Back to the grackle:  what resonated with us with today’s grackle message is the matter of emotional congestion.  For many of us this is a major problem.  We’ve been programmed from early on (the crying baby gets a bottle or breast offered to make him shush), to the teen years (ADHD meds), to adulthood (Prozac, tranquilizers, etc…)  What this approach leaves in its wake are boat loads of unaddressed emotions.

Since a big part of maturity and personal evolution involves our emotions and feelings about what’s going on in our lives, the act of stuffing them down with medication, food (i.e., food as medication), or other coping behaviors can leave us with a huge backlog of unprocessed emotions.  This presents us with a major obstacle to growth.

Here’s where grackle comes in to offer assistance.  Remember that black is the color of the inner, the yin, the feminine.  The iridescent colors overlying the black can reflect a need to look at things differently, that all is not what it appears to be, and that our emotions may be coloring our ability to correctly look at what’s going on in our lives.  Repeatedly avoiding our feelings or stuffing them down creates a reservoir of emotional congestion within us.

Many illnesses are symbolic and are messages our higher selves send to us to get us to look at things differently.  Grackle teaches how to look at things we’ve been avoiding, how to correctly assess situations in our lives, how congestion of unexpressed emotions dissipates our life force and prevents growth.

Look at your life and see where changes can be made.  Are you avoiding dealing with an issue and stuck in limbo?  Are you tired of being crabby about things, but unsure why?  Grackle energy offers assistance in having a new insight and teaches how to have more creative and beneficial expressions of our emotions.  This opens up our lives to new beauty and appreciation.

Are there things that you’ve been putting on hold?  As Natasha and I explore new opportunities and vocations, we realized that yesterday’s message from kingfisher offered us a solution:  are you afraid to take the plunge?  Even if the waters are uncharted, don’t worry, you won’t drown with kingfisher showing the way.  New sunshine and prosperity will unfold in your life!

Many thanks to grackle and kingfisher for these messages.  Don’t miss the messages that bring you clues to how your life can be easier and more adventurous!



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