Announcement of July 5, 2014 Roundtable, “A Higher Dimensional Perspective on Our Changing World”

The vibes keep rising!

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I know it’s a week away, but I felt like putting this announcement up now. We recorded this on the Solstice day, 6-22-14, and there were a number of topics we discussed. One could do some background reading on the “Birkeland Current” to prepare for this (not to be confused with the “Kirkland current”, which is the energy you feel when you get a great deal at Costco!).

Video notes:

The broadcast of this Universal Talk radio show will be on Saturday, July 5, 2014, 5 PM PST, at:

Speakers include Drunvalo Melchizedek, Tolec, Brad Johnson, Joe Marra, and Kp (Kau’ila, Kauilapele).

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David Wilcock Comment on Ben Fulford’s Latest Article…

World Events piece by David Wilcock.

If you’re not familiar with his work, maybe you might want to reconsider! I consider his analysis top notch. It’s based on meticulous research along with insider info from sources that are “deep inside” in many cases.

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David_Wilcock_Search82I want to thank RMN for posting this. Usually I get these comments, but not today. Anyway, here’s a few highlights from my perspective. I found the paragraph about Obama quite interesting.

“The Fed group is struggling like crazy not to have its profits cut off — but everything they try is failing, again and again… In fact, the more of this kind of violence they do, the more they embolden and strengthen the Alliance — and the harder they can expect the next moves will be.

“The dreams I’m having, morning after morning after morning, blatantly reveal that the defeat of the Cabal is a foregone conclusion. They will not be permitted to succeed in any of these plans, no matter how devious or ingenious they think they might be…

“…but they are running scared now… Everything they do backfires. I suspect it will only be a matter of…

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