Separation of “realities” in TRUTH

by Karen Dover

Within the old 3D earth created reality ALL in human form were contained within a construct that kept them tightly bound to, around and through one another. I have blogged repeatedly in relation to the “self policing” that goes on within the old 3d earth paradigms, this is represented /reflected in the human outer waking life experience as those in your human life experience commenting upon and actively trying to influence that which you attempt to do in relation to living this your human life experience. ALL of the old 3d earth created reality was constructed to support this way of experiencing the human life journey.  This is discussed and guided in the TRUTH CODES book and the book also explains and outlines how this shows up in the human outer life waking experience.  This is further discussed in the Birthing the New Earth Book.

In the New Earth there is NO such construct for it is not TRUTH, the reality that YOU live is YOUrs alone and cannot be pinned into or through anyone elses, it may overlap, people may share scenarios but these scenarios are experienced SEPARATELY and  they are not constricted as in the old 3d earth created reality. At this moment in time whilst ALL is dissolving this may be causing much confusion as those around you may attempt to place THEIR overlays into, around and through you. They may appear to have the best intentions but as this is not TRUTH it is not supported.  Many of you at this time may be trying to work out what is going on by reaching out to those around you, as they attempt to “help you” in the ways that all have been TAUGHT within the old 3d earth created reality this puts BOTH parties (or however many are involved) into a holding pattern and at a very human conscious waking mind level causes much emotional anxiety and pain. This anxiety and pain may be interpreted as something else entirely by your human logical mind but it is in response to a NEGATIVELY polarised situation, that is the other person trying to overlay YOUr reality with their own.

Personally I have experienced this over and over the past few days with those around me making wild assumptions and basing these assumptions on THEIR own personal experience. It is to be noted that personal experience is exactly this, PERSONAL and is NOT transferable from one human to another.  So for example two people could be standing watching some fish swim in a pond, it may APPEAR that they share the same reality but they DO NOT , it is not possible for they do not share the same human vehicle. In this example both parties may ASSUME that the other sees the same type, colour and size of fish, this is not possible due to the fact that each human vehicle interprets colour in different ways, there is NO way to experience the exact same reality as another human vehicle.

The more that you attempt to place your reality on to another human being the more confusion and chaos will manifest, as it is not TRUTH it cannot fully manifest and hence the circular pattern of “going round in circles” is experienced.  ONLY YOU are having this your human life experience and as YOU are a multi dimensional BEing at your core essence then YOU must allow this natural expansion to unfold. Holding on tightly trying to plan and to live in the ways that the human race have been TAUGHT within the old 3d earth construct is not possible and will not ever be possible again, frequency wise the human race are now locked out of the old 3d earth created reality.  Please do not assume who is awake and who is what is often labelled “asleep”, these are constructs of the old 3d earth created reality and negative polarisation. ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.

It may APPEAR to be helpful to use labels as a sort of reference point for where you are personally but this seeks to blind you to TRUTH. YOU ARE YOU, you do not need a reference point for ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.  The NOW moment is only embraced by letting go and TRUSTing  SELF for in TRUTH YOU are the only one here.  The dissolving of the old 3D earth is now almost complete, this allows for massive expansion, labels are null and void, static contained karmic realities are no longer an option for those who are aligned fully with the New Earth. Those who have chosen at a SOUL level to embrace the New Earth will now be shown this over and over again at a very personal human conscious waking mind level. Movement is dependant upon SELF and NO ONE ELSE. If you allow the old 3d earth created reality to teach you that you need others to make movement then you are walking blindly.  ALL ARE ONE, ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.

On a personal note I will be in New York and available to meet with/connect with those who are called to expand at this time from Tuesday of next week.  Please email directly if you are interested in/able to help me set up talks/seminars in this area. As I stated on the Beyond the Looking Glass Radio Show the time is NOW to take physical steps in the outer waking world, it is no longer enough to discuss and debate without physical action being taken.


“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”



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