On Fake Snow… and a Message from Mother/Father God

I remember trying to melt that snow. The flame made a stinky concave black divot in the snowball and after 2 minutes not a drop of water came off it.
Then you have 2 snowstorms every week it seemed. Plus this was the first year ever that they named the winter storms, picking out the scariest names they could.

Anyway, l missed this article when it came out but it’s still spot on. Thanks to Kathryn May.

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

I want to share this message from Sheldan Nidle’s wife, Colleen, that came via email last night.  She mentions Snopes, and I feel it’s important to make it clear that Snopes.com is NOT the one-stop-shop for Truth “they” make it out to be.

If anything, they turn the most benign topic into a conspiracy theory. They use our desire for speed and our unfortunate need to have someone tell us what to think, into a weapon.

The powers-that-were have been systematically removing the gift of critical thinking from our arsenal of abilities. You’ve no doubt heard about the new Core Curriculum in the US schools, and the “new math”—where 5 + 5 = 11—or whatever a student wants it to be.

Snopes publishes a lot of misinfo/disinfo and is not to be trusted in my humble opinion. Fact and fiction go hand in hand there and it requires sifting through…

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