Veterans Today 4-26-14… “MH370: Evidence Suggests a Naval Intelligence / Israeli False Flag Operation was Exposed Before Execution of an Attack”

Thanks to investigative journalist Chris Bollyn for exposing a 9-11 false flag in the making with the identical type plane in Isreal.
Coincidence? you decide.

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malaysian_air_fuselage_1 I’m posting this article , which appeared today in VT, because in many ways it goes along with what the last David Wilcock post reported about the “MH370 operation”.


MH370: Evidence Suggests a Naval Intelligence / Israeli False Flag Operation was Exposed Before Execution of an Attack

By Keith Maart

On March 26, 2014, investigative journalist Chris Bollyn broke what has probably been the most important story to date on the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 (MH370). With the befuddled and clueless mainstream media (MSM) parroting what the government was telling them and some theorizing anything from black holes to alien abduction, Bollyn reported that there was a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 identical to MH370 which had been stored in a hangar in Tel Aviv since November 2013.[1] For those knowledgeable of Israel’s long history of false flag attacks, the implications of such a long shot “coincidence” were…

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Galalae Addresses Pope Francis On The Global Depopulation Policy – 25 April 2014

Remember all roads lead to Rome…. we’re finding out why.

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Uploaded on 23 April 2014 by Kevin Galalae

I, Kevin Galalae, am challenging Pope Francis to break the vow of silence with respect to the Global Depopulation Policy and to come to the people’s defense by publicly condemning the covert methods of population control employed by the United Nations and governments around the world since 1945.

The nearly seven decades of covert chemical and biological agents used on the general public to engineer a global population decline have succeeded in preventing the birth of two billion children and causing the premature death of at least 500 million people. They have also succeeded in downgrading the genetic and intellectual inheritance of mankind.

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On Fake Snow… and a Message from Mother/Father God

I remember trying to melt that snow. The flame made a stinky concave black divot in the snowball and after 2 minutes not a drop of water came off it.
Then you have 2 snowstorms every week it seemed. Plus this was the first year ever that they named the winter storms, picking out the scariest names they could.

Anyway, l missed this article when it came out but it’s still spot on. Thanks to Kathryn May.

A short update on the energies

A short update on the energies.

I love how she explains what’s going on with the energies we’re now swimming in, especially how when the light energies are approaching we’ll feel the pressure building up ahead of it, which may result in anxiety.

The solution is to go within to remain centered and calm.

Also this phrase: “You are not falling down, you are actually being elevated so high and so fast…(that we need time) for physical adjustments and reactions.”

Thanks, Aisha!