Dave Janda 10-16-18… “Trump’s 4 Triggers That Are Imploding The Deep State” VIDEO

Did you hear about The Man?
No, what?
The Man’s goin’ down!

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This Dave Janda presentation (short and sweet, as usual) talks about the four triggers that Trump (and the Alliance) have “freaked out” the deep state, and gives examples of what occurred after each of them.

The four triggers are:

  • The December, 2017 EO addressing human trafficking (allowing confiscation of their assets)
  • The Kavanaugh hearings (particularly the questions from Sen. Lindsey Graham re: military tribunals)
  • Threat of DECLAS of the FISA memo.
  • Rod Rosenstein on AF1 (message to deep state: He’s flipped)



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PepetheFrogFaith.wordpress.com, September, 2018… “The Truth About Pepe the Frog and the Cult of Kek”

I haven’t posted in a long time but this is definitely post worthy!!!  Thanks to Kauilapele!    Read the full post by clicking below.   -d13


““…it turns out Kek is also—and always has been—an ancient Egyptian deity… A frog-headed one… Kuk’s [Kek’s] male form was depicted as a frog, or as a frog-headed man… As a symbol of darkness, Kuk also represented obscurity and the unknown, and thus chaos. Also, Kuk [Kek] was seen as that which occurred before light, thus was known as the bringer-in of light.”

via PepetheFrogFaith.wordpress.com, September, 2018… “The Truth About Pepe the Frog and the Cult of Kek”

Pro-Cannabis Doctor, Who Fought Against Big Pharma, Found Dead at Home

RIP Sonya and blessings to the loved ones you left behind.

Anonymous Hemp Sector - CA

Holistic pro-cannabis doctor found dead.

A holistic doctor who was an advocate of cannabis as a medical treatment has been found dead.

Popular and well-known former Miss Universe contestant Sonya Kay Forbes was found dead at her Cunningham Avenue, St. Andrew home, and the autopsy revealed the cause of death was a stab wound to the abdomen.

Dr. Forbes, 40 was known for being in support of using cannabis to treat and cure medical conditions, she was currently working on a groundbreaking study which was using cannabis to help people suffering from long term eye problems.

Dr. Forbes is just the latest in a long line of holistic doctors who have been found dead at home in mysterious circumstances.

The pressures of being a holistic doctor in a world led by Big Pharma are huge. To go against the status quo in terms of healthcare is a dangerous move, and many holistic…

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Martin Geddes, Medium.com 7-11-18… “WWG1WGA: The greatest communications event in history” (#Q #QAnon)… THIS IS AN ASTOUNDING ARTICLE!!!

I mostly stopped posting other people’s stuff unless it was really good. This one falls in the second group! Let’s keep that truth train runnin’!

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Great article, in my view (and I say this strongly and with conviction, and after reading tonnes of other articles about these types of things).

I’m very glad I took the time to fully read and highlight this article (probably “over”-highlighted). I found this piece to be an excellent, clearly written analysis of #QAnon, and all of the related communications protocols that have been implemented to take down (dissolve) the MSM, and how #Q (et al.) and the anon movement is doing this. Here’s one key point:

You construct an alternative channel to communicate with the public. Then you work with “volunteer propagandists” of good standing (i.e. people like me) to legitimise and publicise it — denuding the incumbent rival of its power to set the narrative.

This is what #Q #QAnon is here for. This is what the Alliance military is here for. This is what President Donald J…

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Cobra Update 6-27-18… “Gamma Timeline”

Right on! Showtime, Go with the Flow Time! Keep your head to the sky.

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A very illuminating post from Cobra, particularly in light of what my own personal body has gone through this past week. I do believe many of us who have gone through various forms of “near death experiences” are in a process of either “vibrational upgrades” and/or some type of “spirit body replacement” deals.

“In the last few months, there have been drastic shifts in the timelines and significant changes in the plan for the planetary liberation… In May we have shifted from beta timeline to gamma timeline. The new gamma timeline calls for direct physical intervention of the Light Forces in the lives of surface Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, as soon as possible without triggering the toplet bombs.

“Before the Event, some Lightworkers might be physically contacted by the Pleiadians… Some time after initial group, another group might be accepted into the Resistance and they will be able to take their…

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